How can I start trading with ABC Capital?

1. Single/Joint Account Holders

Two recent colored passport size photos and a copy of national identity card /passport

-Copy of your PIN certificate or Utility bill

– Bank statement

2. Corporate/Societies

A Copy of Certificate of Incorporation / Registration

-2 Passport Size Photos each of the two directors

– Copies of Identity Cards or passports of the two directors

– Copy of company PIN Certificate

– Company Seal or Organizations stamp should appear on the CDS 1 Form

– Management letter from the company, authorizing the 2 directors with their specimen signatures there in.

3. How do I transfer my shares from my current broker to ABC Capital?

You need to get clearance from your current broker by completion of a CDS 4A form and then our customer care staff will assist you with the rest.

4. Can I trade with ABC Capital if I have a CDS account elsewhere?

Yes; all you need to do is register your account at ABC Capital.